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In 2001-2002, The Kiwanis Music Festival of St. John's celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In recognition of this significant event, the Board decided that it should honour the people responsible for allowing it to survive and prosper for those 50 years. Obviously, the principal contributors to the success of any Festival are the participants themselves, however, they are suitably rewarded each year by receipt of a first, second, third placement, or a scholarship or plaque. The unsung members each year are the Music Teachers, Conductors, Volunteers and Kiwanians who have given unselfishly of their time and skills to ensure that there is still a Festival each year to allow the young musicians to exhibit their skill and talent. There are three categories of membership:

  1. Founder/Builder
  2. Music
  3. Administration & Support

Each year, a select committee of the Kiwanis Music Festival Board considers potential new nominees for the Hall of Honour, with subsequent induction at the Association's Annual General meeting. We also invite members of the general public to submit names of worthwhile candidates for consideration, with the proviso that any such nomination be accompanied by a brief résumé, with particular emphasis on their contribution to the success of the Kiwanis Music Festival.

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