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Staffing of festival performance venues is an immense organizational challenge and requires the assistance of hundreds of hours of volunteer service. Each hall requires from four to ten staff persons, and Kiwanians and their families have provided thousands of hours of volunteer service over the years. Increase in the size of the festival and the numbers of venues has increased the demand on volunteers, and more and more generous citizens have made their time available to staff the performance sites. Unfortunately the numbers of Kiwanians is not increasing to keep pace with the growth of the festival. In years past, organized groups from post secondary educational institutions have provided valuable secretarial assistance and for this the organization is most grateful.

The Festival has been very well served by its retained staff, working with a keen awareness of the cultural thrust of the event but ever mindful of the importance of accuracy, impartiality and tact in dealing with a sometimes highly emotional environment of performing in a competition. Ms. Jessie Hough, Margaret Neal, Betty Thistle, Mary Anne Tobin and Eileen Thistle are worthy of the grateful appreciation of our musical community.

The press and electronic media have given the festival very valuable publicity over the years. Radio broadcasts of Final Concerts, television presentations of festival performances and press coverage by way of photos and reports of results of competitions are all valuable to the public awareness of the festival, to the publicity given to the talents of our performers, and to the Committee to have the festival with all its benefits reach the greatest possible audience.

The general public - friends, families and supporters of the musicians - by attending the many sessions and concerts provide the magic which comes in a live musical performance and also contributes immeasurably to the financial stability of the festival organization. At the first festival, the Final Concert had a standing-room only audience, so that a second concert was held on the following week. Despite increased competition in our community from diverse and highly rated entertainment, the festival continues to attract good audiences, and revenue from ticket sales remains strong.

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