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50th Anniversary Scholarship and Other Trust Funds - Updated: February 2009

The Kiwanis Music Festival Association of St. John's reached a significant milestone in 2001 with the presentation of the 50th Annual Kiwanis Music Festival. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the City of St. John's both recognized Kiwanis' contribution in fostering our musical heritage, by making significant contributions to mark the occasion. The Association decided to use these contributions as the starting point in setting up a 50th Anniversary Scholarship Trust Fund that will provide cash awards and music scholarships to help support our many gifted musicians, particularly those who have decided to pursue post secondary musical education. Additional contributions have also been received from other supporters resulting in approximately $107,000 in the specific 50th Anniversary Trust Fund and a total of approximately $190,000 in overall Trust Funds available to generate interest for ongoing distribution of scholarships.

It should be noted that, while Kiwanis undertakes an annual fund raising campaign to support the regular operating costs of the festival, the Scholarship Trust Fund will establish a permanent legacy to provide support for promising musicians. It is the intent of the Association to use only the interest from the Trust to fund these special scholarships and awards. Ongoing administrative costs of the Annual Festival will continue to be funded from traditional sources. It should be further noted that these special scholarships do not replace specific scholarships for various musical categories or age groups and which are funded on an annualized basis.

To date, we have been able to award over $25,000 in Scholarships from this fund to deserving young musicians. This is in addition to specifically funded scholarships from generous donors. So far the bulk of these awards have been used to assist those musicians who have been recommended to go on to Provincial and National finals. In addition, during the 2005 Festival, we were able to enhance the Senior Rose Bowl runner up awards from $150 each to $500 each. As funds allow, we will be selectively increasing other awards, and perhaps introducing new awards.

We continue to seek your support for this worthwhile endeavour. Contributions to this Fund should be sent to the Kiwanis Music Festival Office and be identified as a contribution to the 50th Anniversary Scholarship Trust Fund. An official tax receipt will be issued for all such donations. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Music Festival office at 579-1523.

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